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Hi my name is Bess Fairfax and I have been teaching all sorts of English to all sorts of students for over 12 years!

I am CELTA qualified and a graduate of Warwick University, through which I studied at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA and I undertook post-graduate studies at the University of Queensland, Australia. As well as being a student overseas, my first ever real job was teaching English in Santander, Spain and more recently I spent time in New Zealand delivering work-based English classes to employees of major global corporations such as Cadbury. I have had great fun travelling and intend to do some more! Meanwhile, I am keen to help international visitors to the UK make the most of their time over here.

My approach to teaching English is based upon the fact that the magnificently rich English language is a product of centuries of vibrant and varied culture – theatre, the aristocracy, science, the military, agriculture, commerce, even religion and many more aspects of life have all contributed phrases and words that are in everyday use by English speakers – to fully appreciate the meaning of these and the ideas that they carry, you need an understanding of the culture that gave rise to them. We don’t just do grammar in my classes, we look at the history of words!

Having also worked as a Project Manager for Central and Local Government as well as blue chip companies including British Gas Business, I am well aware of the need for corporate employees to have excellent communication skills – brevity and clarity being key. I am able to assist my students analyse and prepare complex business reports, follow and contribute to technical discussions and to understand the wider context of conducting business in the UK.

I look forward to working with you.


Hi I’m Karen. Having spent 14 years in Investment Banking, I made the life changing decision to re-train as a CELTA teacher in 2010.

After a short stint teaching in London, I moved to Costa Rica where I taught working professionals business and general English.  Passionate about teaching adults, I use my work experience and teaching ability to motivate and encourage learners from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.   I am a meticulous planner, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills committed to professional and personal excellence.

I am a very encouraging and patient teacher who takes time to get to know her students linking their hobbies and interests to their learning.  Experienced in teaching both mixed nationalities and mono-lingual groups, I take a flexible approach to teaching and would admit I learn as much from my students as they do from me.

To date I have taught a diverse group of people from different cultural, economical and educational backgrounds spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, America and Africa where possible encouraging all nationalities to work together and help each other.  I have lived abroad twice in culturally diverse places where I have worked effectively in initially unfamiliar surroundings whilst remaining focused on my overall aims and the aims of those I have worked with.  I also appreciate how hard it is to learn and become proficient in a new language.

I believe it’s never too late to change or learn something new, indeed I am a living example!


Hello, my name is Melanie.  I completed my Trinity CertTESOL in London in order to focus on my love of teaching.

As a qualified wine educator (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), I have over five years’ experience of teaching accredited wine courses in London, and hosting wine tasting events for corporate and private clients.  Prior to that I spent two decades in the banking sector in London, both as a regional sales trainer and manager of several branches.  I enjoy contributing articles for various publications based on my skills and experience.

I have travelled widely to various European countries including France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  I have also travelled further afield to   Brazil, North America, Thailand, Cambodia and North Africa.  My journey into wine has taken me to many interesting places such as Jerez and Catalunya in Spain, and the islands of Madeira and Santorini.  I was also lucky enough to be invited to visit Australia’s wine regions in 2013.

Through my travels I have enjoyed exposure to different cultures and many languages, which has sparked a life-long fascination with language structure and form.

My passion for live communication means that I am able to place a special focus on speaking skills in lessons that I teach.  As a result of my writing experience I am also interested in developing the student’s written skills.  I am outgoing, friendly and able to help people relax.

Emily Stallard

Hello, my name is Emily and I am from Bristol. I set up Orchid English in 2012 and it’s been a great experience. I’ve worked with some wonderful students and teachers and learned a lot. A bit about me: I graduated from University College London with a degree in linguistics (phonetics major) and completed my Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) in Budapest.

I have over eight years of experience training clients from a variety of language backgrounds in English. Living in Paris for two years I trained clients in major French private and public companies through in-company lessons. Before this I taught business and general English to clients in Tokyo for two years, and worked for an international language school in Naples. I teach students who are absolute beginners, right through to students who have achieved near-native level.

I enjoy learning French and Japanese and I feel it is essential for a trainer to learn languages themselves so that they can be aware of the challenges faced when learning another language, different learning styles and how it feels to be on the other side of the desk.

My teaching style is dynamic, encouraging and patient. I realise that learning a language is challenging and that people learn at different paces and in a variety of styles. Depending on needs, most lessons should include lots of communicative activities and discussion. I base these around a grammatical point, or a set of relevant target vocabulary.

Célia – French Teacher

Bonjour, je m’appelle Célia.

I am passionate about languages and as I have learned other languages, I can certainly put myself in the learner’s shoes!

I am native French speaker and I lived in Germany for two years after graduating university. After coming back to Paris I decided to start another adventure abroad and I have been living in the UK now for almost 7 years. I love talking about the similarities and differences between languages and cultures.

I hold a master’s degree in Languages and International Business from La Sorbonne University, Paris. After my time in Germany, I went back to Paris where I worked for Accenture on IT projects.
This was not really the direction I planned to go in, but I took up the challenge and learned a lot along the way. I then moved to London and continued working as an IT consultant.

I decided to change my career and completed the Certificate in French Language Teaching to Adults at International House in London. I started teaching straight away; I couldn’t wait!

Music is one of my other passions. I am a singer and have a band; I can play guitar and drums. I also make jewellery; I love everything around metalsmithing.

I teach general French as well as business French. I also teach French for IT, project lifecycles, project management, and fashion. You can also ask me about French for the music industry too.

A bientôt!


Hello, my name is Katherine, and I come from Cardiff in South Wales.

I have a joint honours degree in French and Information Science, and I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Educational Management in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Added to this I have a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) and a qualification in teaching literacy to English speakers.

I have about nine years of teaching experience, working with students of many nationalities and at all levels, from complete beginner to very advanced. I have taught in Cardiff, and I spent four years in Paris, teaching groups and individuals from large multi-national companies across a range of industry sectors.

I also have considerable experience of teaching students from Asia- Japan, China, South Korea and Vietnam, and am familiar with typical language and communication strengths and weaknesses, and employ the “disciplines” of language- speaking, listening, reading and writing, to overcome any language issues.

Prior to teaching I worked at the BBC in television and radio, and as such I have a keen interest in communication and the cultural context, understanding of the press and media, and using these forms of communication to improve and develop the student’s English.

My classes are dynamic and motivational, structured according to the individual needs of each student, but I also believe in variety of materials and methods, demonstrating how flexible and accessible English can be, both inside and outside the classroom.

Roberta – Brazilian Portuguese Teacher

Hello, my name is Roberta Mallows, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, where I studied Translation and Interpreting (English – Portuguese) at the Instituto Mackenzie. I have a BA in French and Spanish with Education from King’s College London and have recently completed a Master’s degree in Brazilian Studies at the King’s College Brazil Institute.

I have been teaching English and Portuguese since graduating in São Paulo, Geneva and London to employees of companies such as Shell, Siemens and Caterpillar, in Brazil, UBS and Dupont in Geneva, and Borealis and Itau Bank in London. I also taught Portuguese to MBA students at LBS (London Business School) and the evening course Brazilian for Travel & Leisure, which I created, at Westminster University. I have been working at King’s College London since 2012. I teach all levels from absolute beginners to advanced.

I particularly enjoy teaching the courses I created, Brazilian Culture & Language, Brazilian Music & Language and Brazilian Narratives in Cinema and Literature & Language. Besides teaching and creating courses, I promote Brazilian culture. I organized several events during the I time lived in Geneva and recently, I organized and hosted the event “A Celebration of Capoeira” at King’s College London; a talk about SEBRAE to my students at LBS and group visit and talk about educational opportunities in Brazil at the Brazilian Embassy in London.

I am passionate about Brazilian culture and I believe that incorporating adapted content about history, economy, culture, music, society, and current affairs into the courses gives my students an added understanding of the language and provides them with valuable insights which help them to develop their intercultural skills and become more confident to communicate in Portuguese.

When it comes to individual or small groups, especially ‘in company courses’, I plan the lessons based on the students’ needs and learning styles, taking into account their particular interests and respecting their pace.


Hello, my name is Honami. I am an international management practitioner of 30 years’ standing with particular expertise in cross-border project management and global business development. I hold a BSc in Mathematics and Economics and have an MBA from Henley Business School.

Since I moved from my native Japan to the UK in the late 1970s, I have spent most of my career in the rapidly expanding IT field, initially in the international civil engineering sector, before moving over to financial services in 1986, shortly before the deregulation of the London stock market.

Over the years, I have been involved in many information technology projects globally, from a hospital infrastructure development in the Middle East, through implementation of a peer-to- peer network system linking 60 stock brokers across Malaysia for automated reporting to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, to management of a global financial transformation project for a US energy company in Washington DC.

Having made a gradual transition from technical roles to more commercial functions, I have held a series of senior positions with some of the well-known financial application vendors and in the late 1990s, owned and managed a specialist software house providing the investment banking communities in Europe and Asia with risk based capital reporting systems.

Eventually divesting the business to a major US technology services provider in 2000, I joined the European corporate development team of a Fortune 500 organisation, where I was responsible for identifying acquisition and joint-venture opportunities and managing changes associated with the consolidation process outside North America.

Over the last ten years, I have shifted my focus more onto people development, sharing my business and management experience to help executives and professionals develop their skills in a practical manner. My learning facilitation style is therefore very focused and hands-on, which has been appreciated by the participants of my past programmes.

At Orchid English, I combine my knowledge, skills and experience in international business to provide professionals with the accelerated learning opportunity to acquire business skills for the global market.

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