Welcome to Orchid English

Why Choose Orchid English?

We provide excellent, flexible business English classes to professionals who speak English as a second language. Your business English classes are held at your company in London at a convenient time for you.

Our friendly teachers are experienced in teaching professionals, have accredited qualifications in teaching English to adults and are native speakers of English.

All business English courses are tailored to your professional requirements. Most business English courses are ongoing weekly private or group classes. Some of our clients prefer to have set blocks of classes, for example 10 or 20 classes.

What Will Business English Classes Improve?


You will be able to understand and deliver precisely what the client wants. Communication with staff members of different language backgrounds will be clear and constructive.


Work is done faster, with reduced need for editing and revisions. There will be no need to email back and forth for clarification.

Morale and Confidence

You can involve yourself more in meetings, be positive about talking on the phone and be enthusiastic about meeting clients face to face. You will have a happy and well-rounded life in the UK and feel more settled.

Professional Image

You will develop and maintain great relationships with clients. Discussions, emails and presentations will be polite and grammatically accurate with an appropriate choice of words.

Statistics: Why Business English Language Skills Matter

In a Royal Mail study, nearly 75% of customers said they wouldn’t trust businesses that used poor English, and almost a 33% said they wouldn’t buy any product or service from them. The Royal Mail estimates that because of poor business English, companies in the UK lose £41 million in sales.