Welcome to Orchid English

Orchid English provide excellent, tailored and flexible English classes. We come to your company in London at your convenience in the daytime or evening.

What will we gain from Orchid English classes?

Increased Productivity

Staff are able to understand and deliver precisely what the client wants. Meetings between staff members of different language backgrounds are constructive and everyone understands their role and tasks.

Increased Efficiency

Documents for clients and emails can be done faster, with reduced need for editing and revisions, staff can be confident they are sending out accurate and unambiguous information. No need to email back and forth for clarifications and fewer late nights at the office.

Increased Morale and More Confidence

Staff will speak out in meetings, be undaunted about talking on the telephone and be enthusiastic about meeting clients face to face. They will have a happier and more well-rounded life in the UK and feel more settled.

A More Professional Company Image

Staff will develop and maintain great ties with clients and peers. Emails, presentations and discussions will be polite and grammatically precise with an appropriate choice of words.

Cultural Awareness

We teach language skills hand-in-hand with cultural awareness. Staff can make their point assertively and tactfully and understand crucial nuances. When does “not bad” in Britain mean “impressive” and when does it mean “terrible”? Why use “Please can you let me know?” over “Let me know, please” or “Please teach me”?

The Necessity of Language Skills: What the Statistics Say

The PIMLICO report is a major European report on Promoting, Implementing, Mapping Language and Intercultural Communication Strategies. It focussed on identifying and describing models of best practice in 40 European SMEs, which were selected for their significant trade growth thanks to formulating and employing language management strategies.  43% of the European companies reported to have increased their turnover by more than 25% by introducing a strategy with new languages. An additional 30% put the increase in terms of trade at 16-25% of turnover.

In a large study commissioned by the Royal Mail, nearly three-quarters of all customers said they wouldn’t trust businesses that used poor spelling or grammar, whilst almost a third said they wouldn’t buy any product or service from them. This amounts to an estimated £41 million in lost sales to UK businesses.