English Classes at Your Company

How Can We Help You?


We help adults improve their English communication skills in London. Your English classes at your company are at at a convenient time for you.

Our friendly English teachers have accredited qualifications in teaching English to adults. All are native speakers of English and experienced in teaching professionals.

Why do you want to improve your English? English classes are tailored to your requirements and goals. Most clients focus on business English or general English, or both.


Why Take English Classes at Your Company?



Understand and deliver precisely what clients want. Communicate clearly with international colleagues.


Work faster, with reduced need for editing and revisions. No more emails back and forth for clarification.

Morale and Confidence

Involve yourself in meetings, talk on the phone confidently and meet clients with enthusiasm. After taking English classes with us, our students report having a happier life in the UK and feeling more settled.

Professional Image

Develop and maintain great relationships with clients and colleagues. Express yourself accurately and effectively.


What The Experts Say


Report: Why English Skills Matter at Work

This article in the Harvard Business Review highlights problems companies face if staff do not speak good English. Employees can separate into groups of their own language when something needs to be discussed. Staff may avoid meetings in English, or sit in silence. Cultural misunderstandings and friction may occur, and this could have been avoided through training in English language and culture.

Statistics: How Fluent English Helps Your Career

Cambridge English conducted a major study of English skills in the workplace. In English speaking countries, you’re 63% more likely to progress faster in your career if you have good English language skills. What’s more, you’re 36% more likely to get a salary increase, and 24% more likely to get a promotion.