​Thanks to Karen I have learnt a lot, especially vocabulary and grammar. Classes with Karen were a great opportunity to improve my English. I would like to thank you all for the organisation of this classes.

Ahmed, Finance Industry, London

​It was great to have Bess here I think that it helped a lot in boosting my staff confidence.

Anca, HR Officer at a Private Members’ Club, London

The feedback has been fantastic and the staff are really enjoying the classes. We have seen an improvement in their communication so very pleased.

James, ​Hotel ​HR Manager​​, London

I really appreciated working with Bess. She is really easy going and open minded. The classes were really interesting from a cultural point of view, and reading newspaper and magazine articles was a good way to learn idiomatic phrases. I now feel more confident in English thanks to Bess.

Amandine, Finance Industry, London

I’m extremely satisfied with my English classes with Orchid English. My teacher manages our 1-2-1 classes with a dynamic approach, always has a good variety of exercises (2 or 3 different types of exercise per class) and a good balance between grammar & vocabulary, exercises & discussions, reading & speaking, etc.
I like the fact that my teacher always corrects me when I make a mistake and helps me in improving my pronunciation. The themes and topics used as supports are really interesting and help us to have varied sessions. I can honestly say that the classes meet my expectations and my teacher also asks me on regular basis if I want to study something in particular and whether I am happy with her approach… and I am!

Frank, Transportation Industry, London

The choice of articles for our English lessons cover wide-ranging fields. Most of the topics we explore are so incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking that we feel the lesson time simply flies by while we are completely engaged in discussion. We often gain flashes of insight from the discussions too. Our teacher takes the trouble to spot errors without interrupting our conversation, and gives us useful advice when we are ready. What we are particularly grateful for is the exercises on definite and indefinite article usage, which are helpful for us to acquire the skills of writing and speaking accurately and effectively.

Kazu, Teacher, London

I have been taking Emily’s lessons for about one and half years and my English ability has improved. I cannot take her lessons at fixed intervals because I often have business trips. I sometimes have to cancel the lessons, but she always re-arranges the schedule without any complaints. I’m very appreciative of her kind help.

Junichi, Ship Building Industry, London

Bess is doing a super job. The Housekeeping team really love the sessions, and it’s amazing after just one week to hear their confident and enthusiastic greetings of ‘Good Morning!’ They are having fun, and it is a pleasure to see the good coming from it.

Marie, HR Advisor, Residential Management Company, London

We have used the services of Orchid English for the last 2 months. Our employees in the Housekeeping department enjoy Karen’s teaching style and look forward to learning English in their lesson every week. Thank you so much Karen for being such a dedicated and inspiring teacher to all of them.

Kate, HR Officer in the Hotel Industry, London

The intensive course for presentations was very useful and gave me much more confidence; the materials were clear and very pragmatic.

Cédric, Finance Industry, London

Karen was a pleasure to work with and her approach was very good. She provided me with relevant material for each lesson. I would recommend Karen to anyone who was considering taking English lessons.

Emmanuel, Banking Industry, London

Katherine is a kind, patient, diligent and well-experienced teacher. She always gives me well-prepared, bespoke lessons to overcome all aspects of my weakness in English. I now feel more comfortable in my command of English and I recommend her to all English learners of any level. I am sure she can make your English much better in an enjoyable and efficient way.

Shinichi, Public Organisation, London

Emily’s lessons are what I had never had at school in Japan or a language school in London. I feel I have improved my speaking skills especially in terms of pronunciation and I have been more confident with my speaking when I talk with native English speakers in London. Recently, I have come to feel I need to build more vocabulary and Emily prepares well to support this.

Kota, Finance Industry, London

Sarah is the best English teacher I have ever had. Thanks to her, I feel like I am improving English week after week in terms of fluency, vocabulary and high level listening.

Jiro, Trading Company, London

I understand that most business people don’t have enough time to go to English school on weekdays for their work, however, Orchid English always arranges lesson times flexibly so you don’t need to worry about that. The teachers will help you maintain strong willpower – the most important thing is that you have to want to study English and communicate well with other people in English!

Hideyoshi, Engineering Industry, London

About Sarah I have only two words: “Absolutely fantastic!”

Marco, Diplomat, Tunisia

I met Emily for English lessons 1 year ago and I could speak very simple English at that time. These days, my English is better than before, making my job in London easier. Emily explains very well and is always patient. She gives me a lot of hints about speaking English and understanding English culture because she is originally from England!

Masa, Beverage Industry, London