English Language Courses at Your Company

Orchid English will provide a great quality English language course at your company in London, at a convenient time for you. Our friendly English teachers are fully qualified to teach English to adults who speak English as a second language. All teachers are native speakers of English and experienced in teaching professionals.

Tailored English language courses

All English language courses are tailored to your requirements and goals. Most students want to focus on speaking and listening in the context of business English, general English, or both. Read more about English class content.

Why invest in an English language course?

An English language course is a great investment not only in boosting your English skills, but also in your career. Our prices are extremely reasonable too.

How will an English language course help my career?

· Productivity

Understand and deliver precisely what clients want. Communicate clearly with British and international colleagues in order to work faster and better.

· Efficiency

Work faster, with less need for editing. This means no more emails back and forth for clarification.

· Morale and Confidence

Involve yourself in meetings, talk on the phone confidently and meet clients with enthusiasm. After taking an English language course with Orchid English, our students report having an easier life in the UK and feeling more settled.

· Professional Image

Develop and maintain great relationships with clients and colleagues. Express yourself accurately and effectively.

Why have an English language course at your company?

You may have considered going to a physical language school rather than taking classes at your company. However, classes at your company have several key benefits:

· Monitor attendance

If you’re in charge of setting up English classes for your staff, you will be able to see that everyone is going to class because it’s on your premises.

· Save time

You don’t have to waste time travelling anywhere. In fact, many people who go to a traditional language school spend up to an hour going to and from class.

· Cheaper classes

We have a small administrative office so we don’t have our own classrooms. This means we save money and we pass this saving on to you.

· Know your classmates

If you a choose group language course at your company, you will be studying with your own colleagues. Accordingly, you are likely to have similar objectives.

What The Experts Say

Report: Why English Skills Matter at Work

This article in the Harvard Business Review highlights problems companies can face if staff don’t speak good English.

  • Staff avoid meetings in English, keep silent and don’t realise when they haven’t understood.
  • Employees separate into groups of their own language at work and so create divisions.
  • Cultural misunderstandings and friction can occur.

These issues can clearly be avoided through training in English language and culture.

Statistics: How an English Language Course Can Help Your Career

Cambridge English conducted a major study of English skills in the workplace. In English speaking countries, you’re 63% more likely to progress faster in your career if you have good English language skills. What’s more, you’re 36% more likely to get a salary increase, and 24% more likely to get a promotion.