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What happens in the free trial English class? 

Before the day, we talk about what you want to get out of your English language course. During your free trial English class the teacher will give you an idea of what we can do, and try out various communicative activities to suit your requirements. Have a look at a typical example: 

Case Study

  • Client: 4 star hotel in London
  • Students: Group of 10 employees: housekeepers and kitchen staff
  • Level: Pre-intermediate (they can hold a very simple conversation)
  • Needs: Improve spoken general English and spoken hospitality English
  • Location: Training room at the hotel

Intro to the free trial English class

At the beginning of the class, the teacher starts with a communicative ice breaker to gauge the level of the group. At the same time this gets everyone comfortable which makes their English language flow. 

Focus on communication 

Next, a role play where staff act out typical conversations with hotel guests. The “guests” ask for various items in the hotel or ask for help. 

The teacher elicits and feeds in useful structures 

A fundamental structure: Do/Does to ask questions. First the teacher presents the grammar in an fun and interactive way.

…and then staff practise it 

Employees then formulate and ask each other questions that they have thought of themselves. 

“What do you do at the weekends?” 

“Do you prefer to cook, or eat out?” 

The teacher elicits and feeds in useful vocabulary – descriptions of people 

Blonde · tall ·  slim

Friendly · professional · organised

Hardworking · patient  · relaxed 

… then do another communicative activity where they use the language

“What’s your manager like?” 

“She’s a brunette, she’s also patient and hardworking”. 

After the free trial English class is over 

The employees who’ve taken part in the trial class, and any managers who observed say they come away feeling positive and keen to start. Importantly, if you don’t like the free trial class, you’re under no obligation to proceed. We want you to be delighted, above all. After you’ve had a chance to speak to your colleagues we call you and check you’re happy. Now we’re ready to start your English language course. 

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