Why Get English Classes at Your Company?

What makes English classes different when they’re at your company? Before starting Orchid English in 2011 Emily Stallard spent several years working at language schools all over the world. During this time she experienced first hand what type of English course for adults work best. Best in terms of the type of English language that adults need, best in terms of maintaining learner motivation, and best in terms of convenience. So, why get an English course for adults with Orchid English? We put all of the best things together and constantly strive to improve.

Why not go to an English language school?

Maybe you’ve considered a traditional, physical language school rather than getting classes at your company. However, consider the key advantages of classes at your company:

· Cheaper classes at your company 

Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to study English at a school in London? We don’t pay for training space so we can pass this saving on to you. How does less than £10 per member of staff sound? See all our great prices here

· Monitor attendance easily

If you’re in charge of organising English classes, you’ll be able to see that everyone is going to class because it’s on your premises. How would you know if staff were really attending class at a school, or simply going home early?

· Save time

No timewasting travelling anywhere. In fact, many people who go to a traditional language school spend half an hour or more going to and from class, and subsequently drop out.

· Everyone is in the same group

Learning English with colleagues boosts team spirit when staff get to know each other more in a different environment. Accordingly, we can tailor classes to common objectives, such as English for working in hotels, and then we give you feedback for the whole group.

Why not use an app to learn English?

Have you tried apps where no-one logs on, and you can’t monitor engagement? The staff don’t progress much and can’t practise speaking in a real life setting. 

When you get an English course for adults at your company, the English teacher will offer encouragement and corrections, staff look forward to going to class and can rapidly see the difference in their spoken English. 

Get in touch today to book your free trial and start boosting staff English language skills from day one.

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