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Get fantastic online English courses with Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts in the comfort and safety of your own home or office.  Try us out with a no obligation free trial class at a convenient time for you. Not only boost your English language skills but also increase face to face contact with other people. 

First off, why should you listen to my opinion regarding online English courses? I’m Emily Stallard, a CELTA qualified English as a foreign language teacher in London with 10+ years experience. Until March 2020 our great teachers taught English all over London in companies, and now in the Coronavirus crisis we’re giving online English classes.

We provide online English classes for all kinds of working and non-working adults. If you’re an HR manager you can get an online English course for employees that you manage. 

Demand an English teacher in the top 2%

Do you, like us, expect excellence? With this in mind we only work with the very best English teachers and none of the mediocre ones. Your teacher will be enthusiastic and engaging as well as fully qualified. This means you will be motivated to progress in your English, and of course, better English language skills leads to a world of possibilities. Do you want to boost your career? Travel? Enjoy films in English? All these things are well within your reach when you improve your English with online English classes. 

Get a free trial 

You have absolutely nothing to lose. First you get a free trial class to see if you like it, and after that our prices are super budget friendly. With online English classes, the teacher doesn’t have to spend time going anywhere and we pass this huge saving on to you. 

Our goals for you

We want everyone to reach their potential through improved English. You can start improving your spoken English from the first free class. Thanks to our motivating teachers, you will be engaged learning English and see your own progress swiftly. If you live in the UK, you will boost your quality of life in almost all aspects because almost everything stems from being able to speak and understand English. Try us out for free to see for yourself. 

What’s your biggest headache with your current level of English? 

  • Can’t understand native speakers when they speak quickly?
  • Can’t follow TV, films or books in English as well as you’d like?
  • You feel isolated and cut off from society?

There’s a common misconception that adults can learn English through immersion in an English speaking country like children can. While what’s more likely to happen is that adults will pick up the odd word but not be able to communicate effectively.

How online English courses will soothe your headache

What you’ll probably notice first is that you’re more confident speaking English with friends, strangers and colleagues in English. You understand more and you’re inspired to reach your potential in your work and personal life. When learning English as a second language, online courses will help you boost your speaking and comprehension week by week. 

How does it work from here? 

  • Tell us through the contact form what you want to learn and we will tailor make your classes to suit you. Do you want a general English for speaking? Or a business English online course? Get more ideas for class content here
  • Tell us your approximate level of English. 
  • Give us some options for times and dates you want to have the classes. Our teachers are in London and can teach between 09:00 – 20:00 UK time during the week and weekends.
  • If you live in a different time zone, check how this fits with your schedule here.
  • We choose a teacher who is free when you are. 
  • Download Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts and your teacher will add you.
  • Your teacher video calls you and gives you a free trial English class. 
  • After the class, tell us whether you want to proceed… we expect you will use words like “amazing” and “brilliant”. 
  • Tell us how many classes you want: most people choose one hour online classes for a course of ten.
  • Pay by bank transfer or PayPal – we will email you the details. 
  • Start your online English classes! 

Do we really know about online English courses? 

Since 2011 we have helped all kinds of adults boost their English skills according to their personal needs. Importantly, all our top English teachers have a Cambridge CELTA qualification and years of experience teaching English to adults. Now you can learn the English language with online courses of exactly the same high quality. Just have a look at our testimonials

What do you get right now?

Get a no obligation, free trial online English class through video chat with a top-of the field English language teacher. When you meet your English teacher on video he or she will try out some activities to suit your needs and level. That way you can make sure at you like the teacher and the style of class before booking an online English course. Everything is based on your goals which means you can see from day one how an online English course can help you. 

After the class, decide how you want to proceed with your online English course and we take it from there. 

Request your free trial online English class now. 


We believe we provide the best English teachers in London. So why do we offer a free trial video English class? Most of our clients keep coming back for more online English courses so we don’t mind giving you something for free. Remember, you’re under no obligation to proceed with an online English course if you’re not impressed with the free trial. 

Why get Online English courses through video? 

During the Covid-19 outbreak, English classes through video allow us to combine the best, personalised aspects of face to face English teaching with the peace of mind that you can log on from a private place.

In Skype, Hangouts or Zoom classes, as the teacher is real, he or she is constantly planning and delivering what will be most useful for the learners in terms of their goals. 

Some people consider using an app to learn English but the subjects can be boring or irrelevant and a lot of learners drop out. Will it be yet another app on your phone that you don’t use? The joy of language learning for most people is actually speaking and listening to real people. And isn’t this what you want to be able to do, too?

The truth about why face to face English classes using video chat is the most effective method of learning English right now

  • A real teacher provides opportunity for exchanging ideas, learning about culture, and classes are tailored to what is useful for the learner.  
  • Learner satisfaction is much higher in face to face classes either in person or using video conferencing.
  • Hangouts, Zoom and Skype are all easy to use so it doesn’t matter if you or the person you’re organising this for doesn’t have advanced IT skills.
  • The teacher can share PDFs, Word documents, photos and links, as in a face to face classroom, and type to the students. 
  • The teacher can prepare PowerPoint slides and use them as an interactive whiteboard. 

Do you still have reservations about online English courses through video chat? You may believe:

  • The sound or picture quality is bad and the call keeps dropping.
  • Online classes will be a pain to organise.

In reality:

  • These days the sound and picture quality is great – the technology has improved immensely over the last ten years.
  • Just create a Skype, Hangouts or Zoom profile and your teacher will add you. When it’s time for class, the teacher starts the video call and you begin. 

How much does it cost to learn English online?

In the current Coronavirus health crisis we understand that everyone is more budget conscious. That’s why the cost of online English courses is 20% less than it was before the pandemic. See our prices for face to face classes here. This is a very cheap way to get a class with such an excellent English teacher. Our top 2% teachers won’t be available for long – make sure you get in touch and reserve your class today. 

Get started with online English courses 

Make the most of your time right now to improve your English. Tell us your name, what you want from online English courses and what days and times suit you. Don’t let a fantastic English teacher at this low price get away! It only takes a minute. Send us a quick email now! 

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