The first thing to know about English classes in London at your company is that they focus on whatever you or your employees want to learn. Even your free trial English class is bespoke to you. Before your free trial class at your company we discuss your goals, so that your teacher can try out activities to see what’s best.

Not only is the syllabus bespoke, but also the class and course length. Most people choose 90 minute classes for a course of 10-15 classes. Then after a short break for holidays, our clients come back for more! 

So what would you like? Normally people tell us professional English or general English. When you tell us about you, we give you our recommendations. As our teachers have plenty of experience teaching bespoke English classes in London, they will have plenty of ideas to devise a syllabus for you. 

Mix and match what suits you. Here are our most popular requests: 


  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants
  • Customer service
  • Finance


  • Speaking and listening 
  • Reading and writing 
  • General English 

English for… 

Case study 1: Group English classes in London

Group of 10 restaurant staff (mixed jobs from kitchen porters to wait staff) 

Level: beginner

Needs: Their manager would like them to learn English firstly to work as a team more effectively, and also in order to give something back, and improve their quality of life. 

Activities: Asking each other for kitchen equipment, structures to ask about task status: Have you _____ yet? Making conversation with customers in the resturant, answering typical questions from customers.

Case study 2: Private English classes in London 

Manager recently arrived from Poland

Level: intermediate 

Needs: To work confidently in an English speaking office environment. 

Activities: Role play meetings, practise of fluency in various types of real-life professional situations, practise English on the phone and emailing with lots of encouragement and correction. 

Group or private English classes in London? 

Group English classes are the most popular and cost effective way to learn English. Your employees just need to have a similar level of English and they can get a class together at your company. Check English level here in 10 minutes! Additionally, group classes are a great way to develop teamwork. Give something back to great employees at very little cost per person. 

On the other hand, private classes lead to fast progression with 100% of the teacher’s attention. Private English classes mean you can concentrate on topics that are most relevant to you, and prices are very reasonable too. Clients tell us that employee retention for staff taking private English classes is even higher than for staff taking group English classes. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your no obligation free trial English class at your company in London today!