About Your Teacher

Emily Stallard was the first English teacher in London at Orchid English. She started Orchid English in 2012 in order to provide excellent English classes for staff at companies in London.

Before setting up Orchid English, Emily worked at several different language schools for adults around the world. During this time she could observe which teachers got the best results out of the students.

These teachers were not only qualified to teach English but they would really inspire the students to learn. Students would persevere learning English until they reached their goals, and of course give great feedback.

After Orchid English had been going for a couple of months, Emily had more demand for English classes than she could teach by herself. Consequently she started to search for fantastic English teachers in London. One of these is Sherene, pictured.

What qualification does my English teacher in London have?

English teachers in London at Orchid English have passed the very intense and challenging Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). This is the standard qualification to teach English to adults all over the world. During the CELTA we learn how to conduct effective English classes, which means above all that we focus on learner results.

What is my teacher’s philosophy towards teaching English?

  • Given our CELTA background, our English teachers in London use communicative language teaching. This modern approach encourages the student to speak and listen in real-life situations. It’s quite different from how many of us learned languages at school some years ago.
  • Our other key philosphy is to tailor classes to your needs. Your English teacher in London will design classes to work on the skills that are important to you.

What is my English teacher like?

All teachers are friendly, energetic and love teaching English. We work hard to make our classes interesting and enjoyable which means that you stay motivated.

What do our students say about their classes?