About Your Teacher

We want you to be absolutely delighted with your English teacher in London, which means we choose teachers very carefully. 

Your teacher is part of the top 2% of English teachers in London for not only being qualified and experienced, but also being able to ignite a spark for learning. At your free trial English class you’ll see how your teacher does this, using engaging methods and activities. 

Plenty of English teachers in London are alright. So many people teach English to adults abroad and then come back to the UK, which means the market for English teachers in London is competitive. For that reason, we can be choosy.

What makes a good English teacher?

It’s not enough for us that your teacher has the right paper qualifications, they also have to excite us during their interview. This means they have to show their passion for teaching English, and demostrate that their classes will be relevant to student requirements. If teachers can get us excited for their classes, we know they can motivate your employees too. That’s how an English teacher should be. 

Feedback says everything, so have a look at our testimonials to see what our students and their HR managers have to say. 

Philosophy of your English teacher in London

  • Your teacher’s key philosophy is to tailor English classes to your professional or personal needs. Totally different from working from a set syllabus that may or may not be relevant. 
  • The majority of people tell us they want an English teacher for speaking. Accordingly, our English teachers in London use communicative language teaching. This is the modern approach which language learning experts agree is the most effective. In a nutshell, communicative teaching gets students speaking and listening as much as possible, and simulates useful situations. Communicative English language learning is practical, interesting and challenging. It’s vastly more engaging than the dry way in which many of us learned languages at school. 

Case study

Student profile

Toshi is a man in his forties from Japan who’s been in London one year. Now he’s working from home a lot. He speaks intermediate English and finds listening to native speakers difficult. He needs an English teacher for private online English classes in London.


English teacher for speaking in general situations. Classes are on video right now, and Toshi wants to have face to face classes with the same teacher when the Coronavirus situation improves.

In the class

Toshi’s teacher provides a lot of communicative activities and facilitates him being able to speak and understand. He gets a lot of practice speaking and creating his own sentences. The activities are interesting so the classes are fun and useful. 


After a few classes, Toshi notices he is able use English better and better in social situations. He is able to understand his British neighbours better and doesn’t feel stressed when speaking.

Qualifications of your English teacher in London

All our English teachers in London have passed the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). Intense and challenging, it’s the standard qualification to teach English to adults all over the world. During the course we learn how to conduct effective English classes, which means focusing on learner results.

Everyone remembers doing their CELTA; the incredible volume of information about teaching English, and the various group classes that we had to prepare for and teach. The course is so intense that many teachers report only having dreams about teaching English for the duration! 

Are you ready to meet your top 2% English teacher in London?

Get in touch today and tell us whether you want an English teacher for speaking, listening, or something else. We’ll do the rest!

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