5 Great Sites for Business English

Posted on April 20, 2016

Do you use the internet to learn English as well as having classes? It can be fun and educational to listen to different accents and learn from different teachers by studying online. What do you think are the best English learning sites? Here is a selection of some of my favourite websites for learning business English.

  1. Saundz has some fascinating blog posts for those interested in learning English as well as those with a general interest in the English language. This is a great post about English for job interviews.
  2. Business English Site is perfect for students of business English who want to study by themselves in a fun and interactive way. There are lots of learning resources specific to different industries.
  3. Business Spotlight is a good blog about business and intercultural topics, especially for German speakers who can click on the highlighted words for a German translation.
  4. A classic for excellent content, the British Council has a wealth of material for people learning business English.
  5. Finally, for English teachers (or interested learners) Karl Dean writes an engaging blog from his perspective as an English teacher for adults in Germany.

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