English Language Training in London


Are you looking for fantastic English language training in London? Our teachers come to your company at a suitable time for you.


Content of English language training


What do you want to improve about your English? Learn what’s important to you so that you can reach your goals faster. We’ll base your classes around your needs in learning English. Each private student or group of students is slightly different, which means we spend time finding out what you want to focus on. We give our professional opinion on this too so that we can create a plan of action.


Do you want to improve your speaking, listening, pronunciation or something else? Would you like to focus on English for your job, or general English? Get more ideas for class content.


Private or group English language training


You can have either private or group English language training with colleagues at your company. You and your colleagues will just need to have a similar level of English to be in the same group.


Private classes are perfect if it’s only you who would like English language training. You can focus entirely on your own goals, and get more time speaking and being corrected. On the other hand, group classes are best if there are lots of staff with the same level and needs, and when you need to be more budget-conscious. Plus, group classes can be an effective way to build teamwork within a company.


English Teachers


Our teachers are really first-rate, and they will motivate you to achieve your goals in learning English. If you’re apprehensive about being in a classroom situation again for the first time since school please don’t worry; we will put you at ease.


All teachers have a CELTA, which is the Cambridge accredited certification for teaching English to adults. What’s more, between us we have years and years of experience teaching professionals.




Our students report that they progress faster in their careers and have more confidence. Additionally, their professional and personal lives in London are easier because they can express themselves in English to a higher level.


We want you to be delighted with your English language training. Throughout your course your teacher will check you’re happy and whether your initial needs have changed. As a result, our students give us great feedback. Have a look at our testimonials page.


Cost of Training


First of all, your demo English class at your company is free. In the demo you can meet your teacher and try some activities to get an idea of content options for future classes. Your teacher will use the demo to check your English level, define your needs more precisely, and get ideas for ongoing classes.


English language training is a great investment in your future. With Orchid English it’s cost-effective too. See our prices.


Anything we didn’t cover?


Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, or just drop us an email.


To start improving your English skills, simply get in touch for quality English language training in London. We look forward to helping your achieve your goals.

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