English speaking classes for adults

Do you want great quality English speaking classes for adults? Then let us come to your company in London and teach you English at a convenient time for you.

Orchid English provide English speaking classes for adults all over London. Our students are in a wide range of industries from hotels to banks. Teachers at Orchid English have many years experience teaching all sorts of professionals.

Tailored English speaking classes for adults

What kind of English do you want to learn? English classes are tailored to your needs; which means we teach general English, business English and more. Most of our students want to improve their speaking and listening for work, so that they can progress in their careers in London. They also want to improve their general English speaking for their personal lives. Get some ideas about class content here.

Private and group English speaking classes

Would you like private classes or group classes? Private classes are good for specific needs, and to progress quickly with 100% of the teacher’s attention. Alternatively, taking group classes with colleagues is a very economical way to learn English. Additionally, group classes can be effective in team building.

Excellent English teachers

Our enthusiastic teachers will inspire you to learn English, and what’s more, they can put even the most nervous learners at ease. Teachers also hold a CELTA, which is the standard qualification in our industry to teach English to adults. We will get you speaking a lot in the class on various topics, and correct your mistakes too.

Great prices

English classes with Orchid English are affordable and great value for money. Have a look at our competitive prices here. Before you commit to anything you get a free demo class. During the demo, the teacher will try some activities in line with your needs to see what works best and what you need to improve.

Get in touch

Did you find the information you wanted? If not, have a look at our frequently asked questions. If you still have questions then please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Would you like to start having English classes at your company? If so then please get in touch here and let us know what you’d like to improve about your English. We look forward to hearing from you, and then improving your English together.

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