How To Learn English In Fun Ways

Posted on March 9, 2022

It can be boring to study English by yourself. And you may be wondering how to learn English in fun ways. Luckily, Orchid English teachers have years of experience creating fun classes. And when you’re having fun, you tend to focus for longer.

Not only that, but we remember more easily when we find things interesting. So let’s take a look at how to learn English the fast and fun way.

Visit Buildings That Are Usually Secret

It’s called an “Open House”. What it means is that you can visit buildings that are usually closed to the public. Open House days are fascinating, especially if you love history and architecture.

What is there to see? Well, the programe changes every year. But you can expect to see beautiful architecture like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, museums and opera houses.

It’s all free, although you might need to book in advance to get in to some of the places. Read more about Open House events here.

Install The Woodpecker App For Interesting Videos

What kind of YouTube videos do you watch in your language? Sports? Cooking? TED talks? Lots of people struggle knowing where to find interesting videos in English.

With the free Woodpecker app, it’s all in one place. And they’re real, authentic videos for native speakers of that language. It’s like a library of interesting YouTube videos in English.

Additionally, Woodpecker asks you your native language. So you can use the app in your language and find cool English videos. It’s easy because there are subtitles in your language and you can click on words to define them.

Go To Public Social Events

Let’s face it, the world’s your oyster for socialising if you’re in London. And free Meetup events let you meet people who have the same things in common as you.

The most well-known events are based on hobbies like photography. But there are a ton of interesting personal and professional development groups too.

GGI, or Girl Gone International is a fun way for women to meet other women. How does it work?GGI run regular social events in big cities like London. So you can meet international, or simply internationally minded women.

Read Award Winning Blogs In English

Restaurants, politics, travel – there’s a blogger writing for you. Plus, you can learn more about UK culture while you’re at it. Here is a selection of some of the best blogs from the UK.

Follow Facebook Groups for English Learners

Of course, you already follow Orchid English on Facebook right? We love English Global for fun idioms and general vocab building. You can learn English the fast and fun way just by scrolling through Facebook.

Learn English With People You Work With

So now you have lots of ideas how you can learn English in a fun way. Have you considered learning with your colleagues? The best way to learn English the fast and fun way is to get English classes with Orchid English. The classes can be face to face in London, or online.

And we have another tip for your English classes. Tell your teacher your interests so that he or she knows what you find fun. Then your teacher can pick fun activities. 

Give us a call on 020 8150 7239 or send us a quick message here! It will only take a minute to arrange your free demo English class.



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