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Posted on June 26, 2019

We adapted our business in March 2020 and now you can learn English online with Skype. You get the same fantastic teachers, in the top 2% of their field.

Excellent English teachers 

Our original business model is where our top 2% English teachers go out to teach face to face group and private classes all over London. Now we can offer you the same quality English classes from your computer.

Classes tailored to your needs 

Are you wondering, “How can I improve my English online?” Just like in our face to face classes, you will learn the type of English suited to what’s interesting to you. We focus on your interests whether that’s business English tailored to your job, general English, or something else.

Learn English online cheaply

Skype classes should be cheaper than face to face classes because the teachers don’t spend any time travelling to you. This means we can offer Skype classes at great value for you, only £25 per one-hour class.  Pay in advance by bank transfer or PayPal and we will introduce you to your great teacher!

Improved mental health 

It’s important to speak to people while we’re living a more solitary life than usual. When you learn English online you will not only improve your English language skills but also get face to face contact with someone outside your usual social circle.

Safety first

Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk. When you learn English online, everyone is safe because they can log on individually from a computer at home or a quiet place at work.

How can l learn English online and offline?

Your teacher will help learn English offline too by giving you homework between classes. Often this is sent as a PDF or link to an online quiz like this one for countable and uncountable nouns. This means offline study will be a consolidation of what you’ve covered. Of course, it depends on how much time you have for homework.  We’re not super strict so it won’t be like homework at school!

How can I learn English online quickly?

If improving your English is a big goal for you, you can take several classes per week and improve fast. Our teachers will focus on your exact goals, so you won’t need to learn anything outside of this.

Get in touch today

Are you ready to meet your excellent English teacher? Send us a quick email and tell us what time of day suits you. You can get Skype classes between 09:00 – 20:00.

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