What’s The Best Online English Test?

Posted on November 22, 2021

Looking for a quick and effective online English test? Orchid English run English classes in London companies and online. So first we need to sort the students into the appropriate groups for their level.

That way we can run a beginners group, an intermediates group and so on.

HR and L&D managers often ask us how to test the English level of the staff before the course. So we spent a long time trying out various English level tests. What we wanted was a quick and effective online English test without registration.

How To Choose An Online Level Test

First things first. If you want a quick online English level test you’d better know more or less the level you’re testing.

There’s no point testing beginners on the finer points of third conditional grammar. It would just demoralise them, and all the beginners would get a similar result anyway.

What Are The Different Levels In English?

Below is the common European framework for languages (CEFR) which is a scale from levels A1 – C2. Here’s what it means:

A1 total beginner 
A2 pre-intermediate (someone who can hold a very simple conversation)
B1 intermediate 
B2 upper intermediate
C1 advanced
C2 very advanced

Which English Test Should I Do?

That depends. Approximately what English level are your employees? Or what English level are you, if you want to test yourself? We use two online English tests that we really like.

On both tests, you can get your answers immediately. And there’s no messing around signing up to anything. What’s more, you can check your results and go back over any wrong answers.

#1 Online English Test For Total Beginners To Intermediates

The Using English test here covers basic vocabulary and grammar. It’s just one page of 50 short questions.

#2 Online English Test For Intermediate To Advanced Levels

The British Council test here has 25 harder questions on vocabulary and grammar, and takes about 10 minutes.

We liked the British Council test for natural English because it includes some “collocations”. These are words commonly used together, which makes English sound more natural.

OK Let’s Get Started

You need to do the test without looking at a dictionary or Googling. The tests aren’t timed so there’s no stress. And they’re convenient because you don’t have to log in or submit an email address.

You get your results as soon as you finish.

How To Test English Proficiency More Accurately

It’s important to remember that these online English tests are just a guide. The real proof of your English ability is how you speak and understand others, and how you write.

The best English level assessment is one done by a qualified English as a foreign language teacher. And these can be for groups as well as individuals. Your teacher can give you an in-depth report on your English language with observations made over several classes.

Get In Touch For English Classes For All Levels

Over the years, we’ve taught learners who don’t know any English words at all, right through to advanced speakers who want to polish their pronunciation and advanced vocabulary.

And we have years of experience testing English too. So if you’d like an English course with a level assessment and report at the end, just let us know.

Contact our friendly London team on 020 8150 7239 or write to us here.

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