Private English tutor

Would you like to improve your English language skills? Your private English tutor will come to your company in London and teach you English according to your goals.

Great quality private English tutors

Your private English tutor is friendly, professional and above all, listen to your needs. Don’t worry if you’re nervous; your private English tutor will put you at ease. Tutors hold a Cambridge CELTA qualification, which is the international certification to teach English to adults. Additionally, your English tutor is experienced in teaching professionals. One of our great English teachers is Sherene, pictured.

Focus on your goals

First we want to hear about your needs in learning English. Then your private English tutor can design classes that focus on your needs.

Most of our students want to learn business English or general English, and within this speaking and listening. Get some more ideas for class content here.

Private English classes

If you study alone with a tutor you will have one hundred percent of your tutor’s attention. This means you progress fast and classes are more intense than in a group. We also offer group classes if you have colleagues at your company to form a group with you.

Feedback for our private English tutors

Our students and their managers say that classes with their private English tutors really helped them improve their English. After taking English classes they can now communicate with much more precision, and understand what’s going on at work more accurately. Read what our students and their managers have to say about their English tutors on our testimonials page.

Great prices

First of all, you get a free demo to get to know your private English tutor and to see if you like the class. After that, classes are fairly priced: see our prices here.

Get in touch

If you have any questions simply take a look at our FAQ or drop us an email.

Are you ready to meet your private English tutor and start classes at your company? If so, get in touch and set up your free demo English class.

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