When do we use “so” and “such”?

Posted on September 13, 2018

So and such. You’re so busy, we know. But you’re not such a busy person that you don’t have time to read this.

How do we use these words in English? This is a mistake that we hear even at high levels of English but it can be “cured” easily.

We hear people say things like “I work with so nice man”. While this is understandable, it’s incorrect.

Here are the rules for so and such:

So + adjective

So + adverb

Such + adjective + noun


Some examples in sentences:

So + adjective

Emily, you love drinking tea, you are so British

So + adverb

He asked me so nicely that I didn’t mind doing the extra work

Such + adjective + noun

I landed on my feet in this job; I have such a good manager

Try this great quiz for so and such here. 

Confident of the rules now? Not so confident? Post some examples in the comments and we will tell you if you’re right!

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