Where to go to learn English?

Where to go to learn English? Well, if you work in London…

How about you stay in your office?

How long is your commute to work anyway? Too long? Do you really want to travel to a language school in addition to that? Let one of our excellent English teachers come to you at your company. You can choose the day and time according to your schedule.

What do we need for your English class?

All we really need, especially for a private class, is a quiet room with a desk. If you can provide a whiteboard and flipchart that’s perfect.

Benefits of learning English at your company

When researching where to go to learn English you may have first thought of a traditional language school. We have a small administrative office rather than a school with classrooms. This saves us money and most importantly we can pass this saving on to you.

Are you in HR, in charge of arranging English classes for the staff? If so, you can keep an eye on everything much more easily than if you send staff offsite to a traditional language school. For one thing, you will be able monitor attendance.

When considering where to go to learn English, why Orchid English?

Flexible class content

What do you want to focus on? Your English classes will be based on your goals. Most of our students want to improve their speaking and listening, and business and general English. We teach all sorts of things according to what our students want.

Get some more ideas for class content

Excellent Teachers

All our English teachers are fully CELTA qualified to teach English to adults, and experienced teaching professionals. In addition to this, teachers are patient and friendly. We love teaching English and our enthusiasm will motivate you to reach your goals.

Consistently good reviews

Our secret is that we follow your needs and we check that you’re happy along the way. As a result, you reach your goals in learning English faster. See what our students and their HR managers have to say in our testimonials.

Great Prices

First off, you get a free demo class so that you can meet your teacher and test us out. Before this we will ask you about your needs so that your teacher can prepare some activities to suit you.

We believe that excellent English training should be reasonably priced. Have a look at our prices for private and group English classes.


Where to go to learn English: Did we miss anything?

If we haven’t answered your question above, take a look at our frequently asked questions. Alternatively, just send us an email or give us a call.

So, where to go to learn English? Start learning English at your office, in line with your personal goals, by getting in touch today. We look forward to speaking with you to set up your free demo English class.


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