Business skills workshops enable you to advance your English and business skills in a short time. Each business skills workshop is tailored to the needs of your staff and delivered at your company. Workshops can be held over one or two days.

Our mix of experience teaching English and training in business skills results in a unique offering for professionals who speak English as a foreign language. These energetic sessions balance technical input, participation and practice.

Business Skills Workshops We Offer

  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Writing
  • Negotiation Skills
  • International Project Management
  • Effective Communication in Meetings

Case Study

Hitachi Europe in Maidenhead June 2019: Japanese staff working in Europe need to make presentations confidently and in a professional manner in English.


This one-day presentations skills workshop with 28 participants was led by three teachers with expertise in business skills and English teaching to professionals.

Over the course of the day participants learned the techniques behind great presentations, designed their own presentations and delivered them. We split the group into three so everyone had four presentations to make, with minimal time watching others make presentations.

First we give the input. How do you make a great presentation? Then the staff created a short presentation to deliver. Next we gave some more input, never speaking for too long, which is one of the points of a good presentation. The participants had another, slightly longer and more complex presentation to create and deliver.

As we go through the day we give more input and the staff build on it in their presentations, and repeat. It’s rewarding for us to see how much progress staff make from their first presentation of the day to their last, and the staff notice a big improvement in their skills too.

For the first presentation staff are generally nervous and make several typical mistakes such as not making eye contact with the audience and saying “umm” a lot.

By the last presentation everyone is used to presenting in front of a group, and making a presentation has started to become enjoyable! By this time, staff have practised great body language, how to be persuasive, how to make effective slides and more. So their presentations look more polished and are much more effective.

Feedback from Hitachi

This type of training is essential if we are to perform effectively

Instruction and practice were very well balanced

Good time allocation and balanced contents kept us focused all day

I enjoyed the active participative style

The presentation phrases were beneficial

Great chance to network with colleagues from different parts of the company

Hitachi 2016

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