How Can I Learn English Fast?

Posted on July 20, 2019

By Emily Stallard, owner and trainer at Orchid English

Do you want to improve your English as fast as you can? One of the things we get asked a lot is “How can I learn English fast?” The first thing to say is that all languages take time to learn. However, we can speed up the process a lot when we use good learning techniques. Here are our top 7 tips.


Don’t let negative experiences stop you. Everyone has had embarrassing situations where they didn’t understand, or people got frustrated with them. It’s tough but the more you put yourself in immersion situations with native speakers the faster you will learn. Read more about how your comfort zone is limiting your language development. If someone makes an unhelpful comment about your English, focus on what you’ve achieved in learning English so far.


Look words up when you don’t understand them. This is a great habit to get into although few people do it regularly! Will you know what the word means if you hear it again? There is a theory that immersion in a language will lead to fluency but if you hear the same word ten times and you don’t know what it means, you aren’t learning.


Watch TV or read books in English, if necessary with subtitles in your own language at first. If you struggle to read books in English, try “readers“, which are classic books like Oliver Twist simplified for adults learning English. This way you can optimise your time alone after work to improve your English and you will learn faster.


Ask your colleagues and friends to correct your English. British people are usually hesitant to correct English spontaneously for fear that it will seem xenophobic. Have a look at our post about how to get people to correct your English. However, if you don’t get corrected you risk ingraining the same mistake and then it’s hard to un-learn.


Supplement your face to face English language learning with an app or online quizzes to consolidate what you learned in class.


Integrate with native English speakers as much as you can in London. It may seem easier in a foreign country to stick with people who speak your first language or come from a similar culture. In doing so though, you will learn English at a much slower pace, and culture shock will probably be more severe.

When you have British flatmates, colleagues and friends you can practise your English and also learn how and why British people do things differently. Meetup is a fantastic way to make friends with local people in London who share your interests.


How can I learn English fast? The fastest way to learn English is with face to face English language classes tailored to your needs. Your teacher will design English classes to focus on the aspects of English that you want to improve. Our prices are reasonable and we have great reviewsGet in touch for English classes at your London company.

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